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Building residential solar panels is a dream of many people around the world. Many kits have sprung up that offer full instructions about not only solar panel kits, but homemade windmill projects and other forms of alternative power for living off the grid. Earth for Energy led the way with what was the first complete do it yourself solar power guide available.

In my opinion it is still the best. No other manual compares with the data and know how on diy solar power. The regular updates, coupled with outstanding customer support and low price make this product almost impossible to compete with.

And now Earth4Energy comes with a complete collection of video, that will assist get your project going. Residential solar panels are one of the projects that are outlined completely in the Earth4Energy guide. As well as homemade windmill projects. These projects are step by step and easy to follow.

I'm always suspicious about the hype around new products, and the Earth4Energy kit was no different. But now, 1 windmill and 2 solar panels later, I'm sold. This is a stand up, ethical product that provides the information you need. I wasn't able to get all my parts quite as cheap as they suggested was possible, but nonetheless, it was still very fair. The guide was simple to read, easy to understand and really very thorough, other than the complaint I noted above about the price of materials.  This is truly the best product.

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You Can Visit The Make Power At Home Program Here!

The information included in the Make Power At Home guide provides detailed information on building and installing solar panels from materials that are lower in price than what you would spend for new solar panels.

The information is presented in a step by step method that makes it easy to follow and the understand.

This is a good product. And in fact, there are a lot of things I like about it.

So why did I put it in the number 2 slot?

I found the information in this guide a little more difficult to follow. Still easy. But my thought is that it was easier for me because I had already done it. If I were a complete newby, and had no experience, I would have a few questions about the procedure.

The price is also higher. Not enough to be a deal killer, but certainly enough to drop a star. Especially considering I found easier instruction at a lower price with the number one choice.

I also found that the first guide covered more alternative energy sources than this one. This kit has limited information on wind power generators and seems to be geared pretty much 100% to solar power. I wanted to make sure that I could design and build both because even when the sun isn't shining, the wind is blowing. That's why this product gets a number 2 ranking.

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DIY Home Solar Power

Our final product taking the number 3 slot is DIY Home Solar Power. This guide required, in my opinion, more technical background than the first two. It is a little harder to follow, and seemed to take longer to get through. The guidebook is divided into a couple of different lessons that walk you through building your own home solar powered energy system.

It does make the claim that you can cut your electric bill by up to half, but once your up and running, you can do that with any solar power or wind power system.

Not being technical by nature, we tried to use their support desk to ask a couple of questions about hypothetical problems we would have had during the installation. We never received a response!

This isn't something you really want to do without some kind of help. It's not difficult, but like anything new, there are questions. I felt that these guys just fell completely short on the support issue. That's a big one for me.

The product itself is O.K., but it is far from the best choice. It's has to take, at best, a distant third. The information on solar is far more technical than I would like, and it provides absolutely no information on wind power generation at all.

That's why this product gets a third, and in my opinion, a "don't buy" recommendation.

DIY Home Solar Power Information Here!

I was looking for more than a way to save money. And if you're reading this, then you have probably come to the same conclusions that I did. The energy crisis isn't going away until we, as citizens, do something about it. Use the recommendations above, and pick a project guide that you like.

I want to encourage you to consider Earth4Energy as a starting point. Its low price, coupled with accurate, up to date and thorough information makes it by far the best product of its type.

The answer to energy independence for every nation and a clean environment for the future starts here, today. By learning how these systems are built, and doing the work at home, you cut the costs and make this technology available for you to enjoy now.

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Review Of Residential Solar Panels and Homemade Windmill Projects For On or Off Grid Living